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A Trio of Charms [Jun. 11th, 2006|06:52 pm]
Interactive Book of Shadows


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[music |Tegan & Sara~Not With You]

Okay so I've gotten drawn into this, and as a beginning for my entries I give you three charms.

A Charm for Use in Divination

Reveal to me things cloaked in secrets,
Pierce the gloom of darkest night
Show me that which has been hidden,
Let me see with perfect sight.

A Charm to Conceal You From Your Enemies

Ether above and rocks below,
Dawn and dusk played out,
Nuturing dark hide me from my foes
And plague their minds with doubt

A Banishing Charm

Aroint thee, leave my sight
Prattle not on about thy might
For in this hour, in this night
I will you away from left and right