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Just a Little Jinx [Jun. 17th, 2006|12:13 am]
Interactive Book of Shadows


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Since apparently I'm supposed to be the evil one here, I suppose I'd best be the one to post the first Dark Arts bit, huh? Fine...but if ICHW gets on my arse I'm blaming you Killian. *waves to Dierdre* Hi Dierdre

To Cause Bad Luck (24 hrs. only)*Dark Arts* (Original, please credit)
Black candle
Penny or tuppence

Place the coin on the parchment, the candle on the coin, and the mirror(s) in front of the candle.
Light the candle, and say three times
You have crossed me
And now I cross you
From now til now again
Bad luck will on you rain
And darkness shall be all you see.

There, happy now, coz? You have some black magic in your interactive book. Now lemme 'lone.